Review of Gilmore Girls Season 3

You know when you're watching traffic go by, and you marvel at how well everything is going? All the cars are following the rules and paths that have been predetermined for them on the way to their ultimate destination. You don't know where they're going, but it's as if for a few fleeting moments you're along for the ride with them. Then, you notice that one particular car seems to be having more trouble than the rest. It swerves, but seems to correct itself so you relax. Nope. At the last minute before it leaves your field of vision, it crashes into several other cars before coming to a grinding stop. It hurts to watch, but you can't look away the whole time. That's the equivalent of what Gilmore Girls season 3 is for me.

Review of Timeless on NBC

To anyone who has ever been a Supernatural fan-hell, to anyone who has gone onto Tumblr for more than an hour-the name of creator Eric Kripke is well known. After serving as primary show-runner to the infamously long-running show in the first five seasons, he has since stepped back and pursued other creative endeavors. Today, I want to discuss his most recent and arguably most successful project since his last season of Supernatural. Timeless on NBC.

Welcome to The Redhead Reviews/Review of the Hunger Games Trilogy

When I initially started thinking about what I wanted this blog's first review to be, I decided that I wanted it to be something in pop culture that had resonance, but was fairly recent in readers' minds. Something that everyone was familiar with, so that they could focus on feeling out what the tone of this blog was going to be, but that I could-hopefully-give a fresh take on. Eventually, I knew exactly what this first review was going to be about. The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins.